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On April 20, 1990, Japanese video game developer Intelligent Systems and Nintendo unveiled a fantasy tactical role-playing game.  The game is called Fire Emblem: “Ankoku Ryu to Hikari no Tsurugi”.  It is better known as Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light for the Famicom. 30 years since the franchise’s inception, 15 more Fire Emblem titles will follow.  This is the path laid out by the first title made up of 12 original titles and 3 remakes. All of which are exclusive to Nintendo consoles, except for FEH Heroes.

The Fire Emblem franchise is a unique game that employs the use of Permadeath or Permanent Death. This means that the death of a character in battle is permanent. As interesting as this feature may be, it is not for everyone. Which is why it has long become an optional feature in all the original installments. Additionally, Fire Emblem also features a grid-based battlefield.  This is governed by a turn-based gameplay structure. On top of that are the various classes and skills unique to each character.

With that said, Fire Emblem Heroes in addition to its free-to-play structure does not come with the Permadeath feature. Instead, each character’s death equals the removal of EXP or experience points earned within the map. Other than that, Fire Emblem: Heroes is an excellent spin-off game. This is for those who are not yet ready to tackle the Permadeath feature in the original games.

Iconic Game Features

FEH Heroes is one of the better free-to-play tactical role-playing games out there. Aside from having two of Japan’s finest video game companies, it also provides a challenging and satisfyingly rewarding audio-visual presentation commonly seen in some of the biggest AAA titles in the market. Just as FEH Heroes offers tactical challenges and rewarding gameplay, online casinos also present players with a variety of thrilling options, from classic table games like blackjack and roulette to innovative slot machines. If you’re seeking captivating gameplay in the realm of online casinos, you can refer to a non gamstop casino guide that helps you find thousands of slots, live casinos, blackjack, and table games. If you are on a prowl for a one-of-a-kind narrative-driven adventure, then, you should not miss this title. Check out Fire Emblem: Heroes today and gain access to some of its most iconic features.

An Epic Quest

FEH Heroes right off the bat lures the player to a brilliantly written plot.  It follows the exploits of Prince Alfonse and Princess Sharena in Book I. Players will have the opportunity to explore 13 chapters with 5 epic battles featured in each chapter. That, however, is just the beginning.  After two intermissions in Book I, Book II along with a fresh new narrative follows right after. Similar to the first book, the second book also comes with 13 chapters. Completion of Book II will initiate the beginning of the 12 chapters featured in Book III.

A Plethora of Characters in FEH Heroes

In addition to the epic quests embedded within the game’s core are 396 unique playable characters. On top of that are the seasonal characters. Do take note that each of the characters in the game comes with their own unique skills and abilities.

Some characters especially the seasonal ones may appear as another variation or a superior embodiment of an existing character. One example is the Emblian Princess Veronica. Aside from her original form, she also comes in the form of Brave Princess and Spring Princess.

Tactical Role-Playing Game at its Finest

Fire Emblem Heroes may just be a spinoff but it does not come short of the brilliant mechanics featured in the original games. Experience an intricate not to mention the exorbitantly overwhelming barrage of features and elements that will definitely satisfy and test your tactical prowess. In fact, looking at the game through a third-person perspective is already a challenge.

With that said, new players of the game need not fret as the game features a solid in-game tutorial system which for the most part is one of the best in the genre. This makes the hands-on experience less intricate compared to a third-person perspective.

FEH Heroes Weapons and Items Overload

Fire Emblem Heroes, is an epic game in terms of characters, plots, and presentation. With that said, so are the weapons and items.  In fact, the term overload may even be an understatement. To start off, there are 15 categories of weapons in the game.  These are: Sword, Lance, Axe, Bow, Anima magic, Light magic, Dark magic, Staff, Black Magic, White Magic, Dagger, Brawl, Stone, Breath, Strike.

In Addition to the categories is a unique color-coding system (Red, Blue, Green, Colorless, and Multi-color) which also plays a huge part in the game’s weapon sorting system. To top it all off are the various weapon classes made up of Standard Materials (Slim Weapons, Bronze Weapons, Iron Weapons, Steel Weapons, and Silver Weapons) and Special Weapon Class (Glass Weapons, Killer Weapons, Brave Weapons, Breaker Weapons, Devil Weapons, Blessed Weapons, Superior Weapons). As impressive as that may sound, those details are just the tip of the iceberg, in fact, that is not even half of the basic details pertaining to the weapons featured in the game.

Fire Emblem Heroes is a perfect adventure or tactical game hybrid any RPG fan should not miss. You can never go wrong with a game. In its first year alone managed to acquire overwhelming accolades from players and critics alike. Not to mention the multiple awards and nominations the game collected on its first year alone. Check out FEH Heroes today and enjoy the game’s brilliant games.  If you liked this game, you can also check out Lineage 2 Revolution.

Game Features

  • Amazing Gameplay
  • Brilliant Audio-Visual Presentation
  • An Ever-Growing Number of Quests
  • A Superabundance of Characters, Weapons, and Items
  • Award-Winning Tactical Role-Playing Game
  • Free-to-Play

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Check out these game screenshots.

Fire Emblem Heroes Screenshot
Fire Emblem Heroes Screenshot

Play Fire Emblem Heroes on PC & Mac FREE now | Update your FEH Calendar Today!