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Fire Emblem Heroes: A Choice Between Victory or Defeat

The Fire Emblem series never shy away from letting you feel the fruits of your labor. It also includes the weight of consequences. Every choice you make in the game has its accompanying risks and rewards. In fact, older titles have incorporated permadeath features. Completing the game with all the characters in-place has always been a challenging task for players. There are even hidden characters that only pop up if you sacrifice one or two pawns. It’s what separated Fire Emblem from other tactical RPGs in the gaming industry.

Following that, the game also made players doubt and strategize before making their move on the battlefield. So if you want to be successful in your journey, you must take these simple lessons into account.


The Foresight To See Things Through

The game rewards gamers who know how to plan their way through the battlefield. At the beginning of every battle, you’re given the choice to survey the battlefield before making a move. You can then plot your movements, and predict your enemies’ movements on the fly.



If you place your pieces right, and time your attacks properly, you’ll most likely come out the battle unscathed. Take note, however, that your enemies can create their strategies to counter your own. So plan constantly and adapt to the current situation.


Be Patient Enough To Get The Best Outcome

“The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the fight. The general who loses makes few calculations beforehand.” These are but one of the few quotes from the legendary tactician Sun Tzu. Fire Emblem places a huge emphasis on preparing for the best possible outcome in every battle. So take advantage of the time you’re given in surveying the battlefield before making a move.

You can use this time to plot your movements to pressure your enemies to attack or avoid a head-on collision from the most powerful enemies. Patience is the key to victory, so plan and strike hard.


The Perseverance to Finish Through Obstacles

Like many great tactical RPG titles, enemies get more difficult as you progress. Your heroes get stronger as well but along the way, you’ll encounter an overwhelmingly powerful foe. This is where the saying “brains are better than brawn” applies. Despite overwhelming odds, you can find a way to win. You can do so by exploiting the weakness of your enemies- by hitting them with a hero that opposes their color. You can also synergize your skills with your allies. Buff up your most powerful character before hitting your enemy with devastating skills.

But none of these tactics are possible if you aren’t determined enough to see your fight through. Perseverance is one of the main foundations of a true conqueror. You might fail at certain stages because of its challenging nature, but through repetition and adaptation, you’ll see the path to glory. So keep playing, and continue grinding. One way or the other, you’ll eventually reach the road to victory.

Fire Emblem Heroes is an engaging and challenging tactical role-playing game. It deserves a spot alongside its great predecessors. And you can experience everything that makes this game awesome. Just simply download the game or hit that “Play for Free” button to start your journey.