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Fire Emblem Heroes: A Closer Look On The Spin-Off Title

Fire Emblem Heroes is every bit as great as any other Fire Emblem game. It offers immersive tactical RPG elements and a compelling story that takes players on a thrilling ride.

Combining the great foundations from its predecessors, and adding features of modern gacha gameplay, this spin-off title stands a cut above other games in the mobile platform. Before you doubt our claims, let’s dive into a closer look into what Fire Emblem Heroes offers.


An Epic Journey in The World of Fire Emblem Heroes

Like every other historic Fire Emblem, FEH features an original story about the kingdoms of Askr and Embla. It kicks off where Embla is on world conquest and Askr aims to stop them. Using their powers to summon champions from different realms, they set the cogs of destiny into motion. Over time, the story branches out to different worlds set in the Fire Emblem universe. Currently, on its fourth major story update, FEH continues to keep players engaged with new content, and you’re at the helm of it.



Immersive Strategic Real-Time Combat

The Fire Emblem series has always been a fan of strategic turn-based battles, and FEH isn’t different. Strategize and develop your best tactics on the battlefield. Guide your heroes as you plot your enemies’ demise.

Command your army through the battlefield using easy, customizable controls available on our PC version. Should a battle get too tough, you have the option to call on more heroes for aid. You are a summoner too, after all. So put your powers to good use and overpower your foes through wits or numbers.


Forge Bonds Through Countless Battles

You’ll often meet heroes on your journey- and if you’re lucky, they’ll join your team. Once they do, you can then level them up through battle, or simply give them gears to get an edge on the battlefield.

Trust plays an important role in forging a path to victory. If you’re confident at your heroes’ abilities, you can take a break from your commanding duties by hitting AutoPlay. Let them wreak havoc on the field, culling poor souls along the way.

There are still more in store for you in Fire Emblem Heroes, and you can only discover them if you heed your calling. So follow your destiny and save the world from impending peril. Play Fire Emblem Heroes on your PC now- absolutely free. Just hit that “Play For Free” button to begin your adventure!