How to Play Fire Emblem Heroes: Iconic Game Features on PC

Fire Emblem Heroes remains true to its real-time strategy, tile-based combat system. It also retained the role-playing elements present in all the main titles. This spin-off game is everything a Fire Emblem series should be with a few added twists. Let’s list down some of its best features.


Real-Time, Tactical Combat Mechanics

Commanders can enjoy real-time, turn-based combat in Fire Emblem Heroes. Scout the entire battle map as you move your trusted soldiers on a series of square tiles. Then command them to attack the nearest enemy to deal damage. The spin-off title places strategic gameplay as its core mechanic. You’ll have to take into consideration your units’ strengths, and the enemy’s weaknesses. Take advantage of the battlefield by strategically placing them on chokepoints to put pressure on the enemy. You can also participate in online PVP battles– see who truly is the best commander in the realm.



Summon Iconic Heroes as Champions

The battles in Fire Emblem Heroes are fought using a squad of different heroes. You can obtain your destined champions by summoning them through orbs. It’s the simple gacha mechanic that separates this game from the rest. You have the option to play with your favorite heroes from other Fire Emblem titles. Each hero is categorized by color, and that determines their strengths and the opposing color is their weakness. Take note of that power cycle when building the squad you’ll take into your journey.


In addition, Orbs can be obtained by purchasing them in the game’s shop. You can also earn them through story progression or as login rewards. Some events may give you some orbs as well, so make sure to keep an eye out.

Creating The Most Heroic Team

Fire Emblem Heroes offer great features that allow tacticians to style their heroes the way they see fit. . You can customize them, build teams based on the strengths and weaknesses of each character. It’s important to create a balanced team that exploits the weakness of enemies while strengthening allies. As the commander, you can also customize their skills and equipment– allowing you to create the most powerful team that can take on any kind of enemy.


Journey Through the Fire Emblem Realms on PC

A huge chunk of Fire Emblem’s content is the journey, and this game is no different! Enter the lands of Embla, Askr, and more! Unravel the story behind the warring nations, meet new heroic characters, and reacquaint with familiar ones. Lead your army to victory and safeguard the peace in the Askr Kingdom!

Then double down on the immersive experience by playing the game on PC. Our free-to-play PC version gives you access to high-definition graphics– a feat only possible on a computer! You can also customize and map the controls. Just press F1 in-game and it’ll bring out the customization features! Map your keys using your trusty keyboard and mouse. So what are you waiting for? The conflicted lands of Askr awaits– join the battle by hitting that “Play for Free” button!